Visiting Byseewah

Visiting Byseewah is the trip of a lifetime and to make the most of the opportunity there are some things guests need to be aware of, and plan for, in advance.




From Windhoek it will take you 5 hours to reach Byseewah by road. Air charter will take 1½ hours.

Fire arms:

No handguns, semi- or automatic weapons are allowed into Namibia. There are no problems obtaining licences for firearms at point of entry to Namibia, and it is recommended that any calibre from .270 and up be used for hunting. A complete shooting range is available at Byseewah for zeroing in weapons upon arrival. Appropriate weapons and ammunition are available for hire.


No vaccinations and medication are required, but anti-tetanus injections are recommended. For those going to our concession areas, malaria medication may be an additional requirement. Lip salve and sun screen lotion are a must.


Lightweight cotton clothes in khaki or green, long trousers and long sleeved shirts are recommended for hunting as protection against thorns and the sun, although short sleeved shirts and shorts can also be worn. Sturdy, worn-in hunting boots and a sun hat are also a necessity. A jacket is required for the cool evenings and mornings.


50% deposit of the total daily rate is payable to confirm a booking. Balance payable one month prior to start of the safari. Cancellations are accepted not less than 3 months prior to start of the safari for return of deposit on condition that the safari can be re-booked. Cash and bank to bank deposits are accepted.

Insurance and Indemnity:

While we take every possible precaution and care to ensure the safety of our clients, we cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness, accidents or loss sustained while on safari. We recommend clients obtain their own insurances against any or/all of the above including a cancellation insurance.

General Information:

The climate in Namibia is excellent, with hot summers and warm winters. The rainy season occurs during the summer months between October and March. Winters in Namibia are mild with warm days and cool mornings and evenings.

The official language of Namibia is English, followed by Afrikaans and German. The Namibian Dollar is so far equivalent to the South African Rand.

Please take a look at the facilities you will find here and images taken in and around Byseewah.


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