The Ethical Hunters Code

Byseewah’s Ken Morris is the founder of the Worldwide Ethical Hunters Association.

 Ethical Hunters

Worldwide Ethical Hunters Association

The Association promotes a code of ethics amongst hunters to raise the image of the hunting community and highlight the vital role hunters play as conservationists. Ken believes the biggest threat to hunting is the unethical exploitation of wildlife.

The code holds 12 articles each member agrees to abide by:

  • To tell the truth and be a hunter of your word.
  • To stick to your sworn code of hunters' ethics
  • To obey the conservation laws of the country or place you are hunting in and always hunt on foot and under the dictum of fair chase.
  • Never shoot from a vehicle.
  • Avoid shooting closer than 200m from a vehicle.
  • Never shoot at a waterhole.
  • Avoid taking the shot you are not sure of.
  • Only ever shoot at free and wild animals.
  • Always treat the animals that you are hunting with respect.
  • Never sit or stand on a taken animal or allow it to be handled badly.
  • Try to avoid shooting pregnant or undersized animals.
  • Avoid supporting such operator that do not fully support this code of ethics.
  • Remember that a true hunter is a true conservationist.


All hunting at Byseewah is done on foot and is carried out according to the sportsman’s dictum of ‘fair chase’.

Please take a look at the facilities you will find here and images taken in and around Byseewah.

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